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In order to utilize the Atlas API you need your API key and a User ID which in turn is connected to a specific Atlas site. You can use inherited User ID's (on sub-sites) just like regular logins.
Not all Atlas applications support the API, only the ones that have been developed with the Layout module and those specifically written for the API. If unsure, or you want to request API inclusion of a specific application, let us know. Also, if a given application lacks information in the XML output, it may be able to include it. Use the support function to contact us.

Usage for regular data

When using AXA in conjunction with a Layout Module application, you add some information to the URL (or POST data) when retrieving the page, this URL:
Would look like this:
With your User ID and API key. If it validates, the page will output the XML data instead of the regular HTML output.

Usage for API transactions

Some specific applications have specific API's for handling transactions between Atlas and another system. These use a REST API and PHP notations for array (i.e. an array named "foo" with one item of the value "bar" is sent as "foo=bar" via the API) for communication. Unless otherwise specified, protected transactions are done with a timestamped HASH KEY of your user credentials, to speed up operations and avoid sending API credentials with each request. To request your hash key, you use the REST function api_login() with your API user and API key as arguments (in that order). This will return your hash key, which you can use for all requests that require authorization for 20 minutes from requesting it. After that time period, you need to acquire a new hash key.
The AXA specification and all methods can be found here

API credentials

To retrieve your API user and API key, you need to be a site admin on your Atlas site. Go to AdminUsers and click "Your API key" under the functions section.
If you want the API key for another user, click on that user and then on "Users API key" under the tools section.
If you are the admin of a site that has child sites, your API credentials are valid for requests to all those sites.

API application credentials

Use the API Credentials module AdminUsersAPI Credentials to register users for API applications. Make sure that the email address for the user you're registering goes to the one responsible for implementing the API, since this is where news are sent when applicable.