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Atlas API

API Endpoint: ON-API
Stadsnätsportalen's implementation of the ON-API. For some reasons the implementation differ from other single-CO/single-SP implementations. The base url needs to be modified for each origin you wish to fetch data from.

If you are a service provider (SP) you access the API using a specific coId as origin. If you're a communications operator (CO), you access the API using a specific spId as origin. Available coId endpoint URLs can be seen in the Stadsnätsportalen dashboard when logged in as a SP, and in the Stadsnätswebben admin (as functions of the Tjänsteguiden and Marknadsdatabasen modules) as a CO.

All coId codes can also be found here where they can also be read by machine. SP can only access coId's where you deliver services through the Tjänsteguide, and CO can only access data about SP where they deliver services in your network.
Endpoint URL https://www.stadsnatsportalen.se/plain/onapi/coId
Note that this API uses HTTP AUTH using API user and API key Note that this API uses HTTP AUTH using API user and API key
  • Method: accesses

  • ON-API Accesses

    Version: 2.4, Origin: CO, Consumer: SP
    Will list all accesses from selected coId that the SP has access to.

    Use header "If-Modified-Since" to fetch posts that are updated within the posted timeframe. If-Modified-Since can be max 14 days in the past.

    The response follows the Marknadsdatabasen specification, which is based on the SSNF specification which in turn is based on the PI-API spec, on which ON-API is built. This means that some fields exists that does not exist in ON-API.

    You can also query this API for a specific accessId with the endpoint /plain/onapi/coId/accesses/accessId
  • Endpoint example:
    GET: https://www.stadsnatsportalen.se/plain/onapi/coId/accesses
  • Method: endpoints

  • ON-API Endpoints

    Version: 2.4, Origin: CO, Consumer: SP
    Lists available endpoints for given origin, both for SP and CO
  • Endpoint example:
    GET: https://www.stadsnatsportalen.se/plain/onapi/coId/endpoints